Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Original hairstyles

Hi there! It's yesmine9 your new writer. Well today I'm talking about hairstyles. There are two types of users on stardoll:
                 - Those who make or buy their hairtyles (stardesign hair, stardesign jewelery and tress up)
                 -Those who's hairstyle is from beauty parlor (they got it for free)
Lady Gaga said in her song: " I am my hair". Which is true. I don't have much stardollars because I'm a non-superstar. If I want something I'll have to save money or wait for sales.If I want to be original I have to make it cheap. So today I'm showing you how to:
       Make original hair under 4 stardollars:
Okay for all these hairtyles, the budget is 3 stardollars. If you buy curly hair in black or brown (stardesign hair) you could always use it. To me it's a must have in your beauty parlor. Here are example but you can get original if you feel like it:

Writer yesmine9 ;)
"Don't cry because it's over smile because it happened...."

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