Friday, 2 August 2013

Exclusive interview with... midward!

Hey everyone! Our blog is starting a new weekly post for exclusive interviews with some of Stardoll's most famous medolls!
For our special first post today, we interviewed a very popular medoll on Stardoll: midward. She's won Covergirl and she's been a Catwalk winner.
She's also one of the oldest medolls still on Stardoll, dating back to November 2005. She's from Finland and she's currently on level 75.
Here is the interview we had with her:

Q: How did you find out about Stardoll?
A: I don't remember how I actually found it, but it was in 2005 and then it was called Paperdoll Heaven*

Q: Have you ever left Stardoll for a while? If so, then why?
A: I never have really left Stardoll, but I have had times when I wasn't so active because I didn't have time to play there.

Q: How did you feel when you won Catwalk?
A: I was so surprised. I didn't think that I would ever won anything like that, because there is millions of other users!

Q: How did you feel when you won Covergirl?
A: That was a big shock for me! I think I got so many guests to vote me because I had won Catwalk the other day that I had become a CG..I did not expect anything like that happend to me! I was excited an happy!

Q: Do you want to win other competitions and/or do you have any other goals to achieve on Stardoll? If you do, what are they?
A: Well it's nice to win but it's not that important to me. My goal is just to have a great time in Stardoll!

Q: After you won those 2 titles, did your Stardoll life change? If so, please tell us how and did it change to the better or to the worse?
A: It definitely changed my Stardoll life at first. Suddenly I got tons of friend requests and comments! And I can tell, all the attention wasn't so nice.. Sometimes it was kind of exhausting to be on the spotlight. But after all I was proud and thankful that I had won those two amazing achievements.

Yes guys, midward was totally honest with us. Being under the spotlight is an awesome feeling, but it can also be exhausting. Don't get her wrong, she loves it! But it's not easy being famous. And to win those titles is a big thing, especially when in a 250 million member site. :) xxx

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