Wednesday, 23 April 2014

New callies Picks!

Hi girls, I was looking in my inbox and I saw a new callies picks letter! Take a look!!

What do you think? Will you buy anything? Tell us in the comments!

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How to spot scammers

Hi everyone, In this post I will be showing you how to spot scammers
Please help stardoll staff spot scammers. If a doll is broadcasting and has a scam posted on her presentation, contact the stardoll  team ASAP. Start by sending them an email that a scammer is broadcasting. Guardian angels (PEOPLE WHO HELP GIRLS IN STARDOLL) are told to warn potential victims, report the scammer using the report tools and send screenshots to Stardoll. Please do not try to handle this kind of scam alone, the team are here to help.

Examples of this kind of scam are the kind that instructs girls to:

1. Send their password to the scammer.
2. Change their email to another email address
3. Go to an outside website that either has a place for putting in a password and username, or instructs girls to send passwords or change emails.


If someone scams you as an individual, you are the only one that can report her. One report should be enough, the  members of stardoll cannot report anything unless we see evidence of wrong-doing. Sorry.

Will you follow these tips? Tell us in the comments!

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Prevent Getting Hacked

Hi girlies! Sorry I havent posted for a while!! But here is a post that i wrote that opened my eyes as i have recently been hacked so, i thought i would help you guys!!

You can get hacked just by clicking a link and going to another website outside of stardoll or by clicking a photo or link on a blog or website. It is called "cookie stealing. Go below to read more...

Scammers are not hackers. I hate that people say they were hacked when they were really scammed. Let's all try to use the terms correctly.
Scammers are con artists that trick users. Hackers use computer code to break into accounts.

The most common scam is to get the owner of the account (victim) to reveal her password. She offers a "make-over" of a medoll, a presentation or a room in the victim's suite.
Or a scammer may say she knows a "cheat" that will get the victim free stuff (superstar, LE, stardollars). A lot of girls on this site are young and trusting. Scammers don't have to much more than lie and they can get the victim's password and anything else they want.

 I hope this helped you guys! Do you guys like it? Tell us in the comments!

~ You only live once ~

Sunday, 20 April 2014

New look 100sd giveaway!

Hi girls!
I hope you like our new look, with our BRAND NEW LOGO!

To celebrate our new look, I am doing a giveaway of 100 stardollars to a stardoll account.

What you have to do:
Decide whether you like this new look or the old one,
say why,
and if you haven't see the old one,
say if you like/don't like the new look.
Its okay if you don't! I love to hear things I can improve on!

Just comment below with your stardoll name!

Enter now! Ends  2nd Of  May so come back to our blog!

Have fun girlos!x
Owner,manager, writer, XxxSairaXxx

Monday, 14 April 2014

New stardesign item

New stardesign item is coming :D

Do you like it?
Will you use/design with it?

I'd love to hear!
Owner,writer and manager, XxxSairaXxx

Pretty in Love for yacht club

Today we all received this message from stardoll:

Do you like it?
 This is the first floor:

Do you like it? Will you buy anything?
I'd love to hear!x
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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Alike Alike 3

Hey everyone!
If you remember, a few months ago we used to do a post called alike alike

Here is our newest one!
Today I was shopping in archive, in the starbazzar when I saw this:

I thought I had these shoes, so I looked in my wardrobe and found these:

They look the EXACT same!
Are they the same?

I'd love to hear in comments!
Do you have these shoes?


Owner,manager and writer , XxxSairaXxx