Monday, 14 April 2014

New stardesign item

New stardesign item is coming :D

Do you like it?
Will you use/design with it?

I'd love to hear!
Owner,writer and manager, XxxSairaXxx

Pretty in Love for yacht club

Today we all received this message from stardoll:

Do you like it?
 This is the first floor:

Do you like it? Will you buy anything?
I'd love to hear!x
Owner, manager and writer , XxxSairaXxx

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Alike Alike 3

Hey everyone!
If you remember, a few months ago we used to do a post called alike alike

Here is our newest one!
Today I was shopping in archive, in the starbazzar when I saw this:

I thought I had these shoes, so I looked in my wardrobe and found these:

They look the EXACT same!
Are they the same?

I'd love to hear in comments!
Do you have these shoes?


Owner,manager and writer , XxxSairaXxx

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Romantic Spring Makeup Look

Hi everyone Today I thought I would do a makeup tutorial for you.

1. Start off with a bare face
2: start with Dot Lengthening and volumising mascara's
3: Apply three Coats of mint green eyeshadow

 4: Apply a matte white in the corner of your eyes
5: wear a light pink blush

 Make your Lip colour a light pink/ peach or apply a light coat of peach lipstick
Then get a red LIP GLOSS and apply it in the center of your lips
Apply a sheer gloss over the top to make it shiney.

And choose the most romantic and nice hair, I went for this messy bun in light brown.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, Please tell me down below if you want more, Saira and I love reading through and replying to your comments.


~ You Only Live Once ~

Friday, 11 April 2014

Free gift for superstars!

Hi girls!
Yes, we are the first to post this, 100% guaranteed.
I looked on most blogs and could not find this post.

Today I went to my beauty parlour to change my hair when I saw this:

Free gift, so I opened it:

and got a free charm!

Have you gotten this or not?

I'd love to hear, Poppycat12 and I always read your comments!

What do you think?

Manager and owner, XxxSairaXxx
~#staystrong x

New LE

Hi everyone! there is a new LE collection out in the starplaza, BE QUICK OR IT WILL BE GONE, we are the first blog YET AGAIN to write about this, Be quick seriously!
I really like the new collection!

I have already bought a few things from the collection. Will you? Tell us in the comments!
~ You only live once ~

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

New Callies Picks No. 13

Hi everyone,
Poppy here, Today we got a message about Callies Picks No. 13. As I know it we are the first blog to write about it yet again!
Here is the message we all got,
this is the inside of the shop.
I love it dont you? What will you buy if anything? Tell us in the comments!


~ You Only Live Once ~