Wednesday, 28 May 2014

New competition! Open entries to everyone!

Hey girlies!
I am very proud to announce that out blog will have a competition!
This competition isn't a very big one - but the prizes are great!
It takes very little effort and it shows how fashionable you really are!
Now, the theme about this competition is Callie's Picks Issue 16:

And now, I'll tell you how do competition works :)
All you need to do is coordinate an outfit using at least one major item from Callie's Picks (please note that the major item shouldn't be shoes, bags, sunglasses or jewelry). You can save your doll in your album, or take a photo of her, or just leave the outfit as your top style in your suite.
You then leave a comment like this:
''dessisweet - Suite''
You first list your Stardoll username and then list where we can find the outfit. I chose as an example to be in my Suite.
Note: If you save your outfit in your album, please leave it on the first 2 pages so that we can clearly see it.
Then, when we visit your suite/album/photos we will take a snapshot of your outfit and post it on the blog. We will then make a poll and our visitors will vote whose outfit do they like the most. And, of course, the winner will win the big prize.
Below I will answer some of the questions that you might ask about the competition. :)

Question: When is the last date we can submit our entries?
Answer: The deadline is on 1st June. The next day we will post the official participants with their outfits and make a poll about who should win.

Question: I am a Non-Superstar and I can't afford buying anything from Callie's Picks. Can I still compete?
Answer: Of course you can. We will make as soon as possible an e-mail for the blog where you can send the snapshots of your outfit.

Question: From the previous question, what is a ''snapshot''?
Answer: To download a snapshot application click HERE.

Question: Is there going to be only one winner in the competition?
Answer: No. When the end of the competition (on June 2) is official, the first and second place winners will be anounced.

Question: If I win how can I claim my price?
Answer: If you are the lucky winner of this competition, send a friend request to my account - dessisweet . I will accept it and then we can talk over how will you receive your prize.

Question: Is there any level I certain member should be on so that they can take part in the competition?
Answer: No! You might be a newbie but you can still compete :)

Question: What are the prizes?
Answer: The first place winner if a Superstar will get 18 sd. If a non-superstar will win an item of their choice from Callie's Picks to up to 18 sd (if you are a Superstar you can still choose this option).

Note: If someone copies an outfit, he will be disqualified and banned from entering any competitions on the blog for a month.

Hope you enjoy this dollies! If you have any questions write in comments and we'd answer you as soon as possible. Wait for the next post tomorrow.
You can also enter the competition right away by writing in the comment section under this post :)

Writer and Manager, dessisweet ♥
<Fashion fades, but style remains ♥

New Chanel Decor Tribute!

Hey guys!
Sorry for the late post, the tribute was released yesterday but I couldn't post about the shop, so I decided to post about it today.
Stardoll released the 3 floors of Chanel Decor Tribute yesterday:

The store is inspired by Gabrielle Coco Chanel's home:

The shop is all in stardollars, of course. Even though the store is overall beautiful - a bit outdated but the items are really beautiful and will look great in decorating a vintage suite or room :)
The prices are very high! The cheapest item costs 8 sd:

The most expensive item costs 62 sd and is the majestic stairs that you can see the real-life version of in the last picture of Coco Chanel's home:

And this is the time when I share my opinion about the store :)
Personally, I adore the new tribute, even though at first I wasn't very happy with it being a Decor Tribute, but I love it! But, unfortunately, I'll probably just please myself with buying a little ''souvenir'' from this shop because it's so expensive!
So, what do you think of this store? Did Stardoll start well with releasing a Decor Tribute for the start of the summer? Write in comments, we'd love to hear your opinion! :) xxx

Writer and Manager, dessisweet ♥
<Fashion fades but style remains ♥

Our New Youtube Account!

Hi girls!

Great news!

I am now doing Youtube videos with lots of tutorials and more!

I would love for you to check them out!

Click here to see the video

My youtube name is Saira Stardoll

Here is the video:


Hope you like it comment below!
Owner and writer, XxxSairaXxx

New Updates in beauty Parlor

Hi girls, I was looking around the beauty parlor today on stardoll and they have released some new eyes, lips and noses!

Check them out!

Do you like them, I do, If you visit my doll I'm using one :)
Tell us in the comments
~ You Only Love Oreos

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Flashback: Some stores you didn't know about... Part 2

Hey girlies! :) xxx
I'm back to share with you another store that was available in Starplaza once. This store dates back to August 2010.
The store was called Stardoll and the City and in the earlier years Stardoll had campaigns based on movies. Most of them even had special stores! And, as you can guess, Stardoll and the City was based on the movie with Sarah Jessica Parker. :)
The store was released in the end of August 2010. It had 4 floors:

Most of the new members will be wondering why haven't they seen these clothes or why are they so expensive in Starbazaar?
Well, the answer is simple: this store dated back to 2010. Stardoll  then had around 80 million members (I remember because I joined Stardoll in December 2010). Now Stardoll has over 300 million members. But, if we go back to 2010 and do the basic math: how many people were members then, how many of them left Stardoll and how many of them were Superstars then? You can guess why the clothes are so expensive and hard to find.
I think that some of the clothes got re-released in Archive, Pretty'n'Pink (before it became Pretty'n'Love) and maybe even Callie's Picks.
The fact is that the store left in early 2011 I think and it never came back. Or at least never came back under this label.
Now, some interesting facts about this store...
1) Even though you can't see them here, Stardoll decided to release ''shopping poses'' that were very famous back then:

You might be asking why is there such a fuss about them? Well, I think that these are the first poses ever released on Stardoll. They were available for Superstars only, but back then Stardoll was very nice and they let us be ''Superstars'' after the third day of us joining Stardoll, which meant that if we had the money, we could buy any clothes, accessories, make-up, interior, jewelry and etc. that was only available for Superstars. So, some lucky members had the chance to buy these beautiful poses which are very rare now.
2) Can you see the prices of the clothes? They're very high, right? Well, you might say they're normal priced compared to now, but back then Starplaza was very cheap and these prices were unbelievably high! From the previous Stardoll film campaigns you could get clothes for up to 5 sd but these prices were very high!
And that's all you need to know for the store Stardoll and the City. Do you like it? Do you wish this store was available today? Will you be searching for these items in  Starbazaar?

Writer and Manager, dessisweet ♥
<Fashion fades but style remains ♥

Hot Buys Positano Glasses Released!

Hey girlies! :)
Stardoll released another Hot Buy - the Hot Buys Positano Glasses:

The cost 10 sd and you can find them in the Spectacular shop. Click HERE if you want to get them in your dressing room.
The sunglasses are inspired by Dries van Noten 52 sunglasses:

Do you like the new sunglasses? Will you be buying them? Do you prefer the Stardoll or the real-life version of the sunglasses? :) xxx

Writer and Manager, dessisweet ♥
<Fashion fades but style remains ♥

Friday, 23 May 2014

My version of alike alike

Hi Girlies
Sorry About the name, Its sairas thing I know!
BUT ..... I have found a really cool headband and i thought I had seen it somwhere else...... I did! ROYALTY shop!!! They are nearly exact but the royalty one has a bigger and bolder bow.
The Disney one is here                                         The royalty one is here
There is a small difference but not anything majour!
Disney Bow : 34SC!

Hope you guys liked this post

~ You only love oreos