Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Free Littlest Pet Shop doll

Hey guys! Stardoll released a new freebie, which is part of (I guess) the new Littlest Pet Shop campaign. Here is how it looks like:

To get the doll, follow these simple steps:
1) If you are from UK log in your account and the doll will be in your suite
If you're not from UK, use a UK web proxy like justproxy.co.uk/ or quickproxy.co.uk
2) Paste this link in the blank box of the proxies:

3) Hit ''Enter'' and log into your Stardoll account.
4) Leave the proxy and go into your normal Stardoll. The doll will be in a Littlest Pet Shop bag in your suite:

I hope I helped! :) xxx

credit: www.lovestardollx.blogspot.ie
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