Tuesday, 6 August 2013

New Covergirl winners!

Hey guys! Now I'll show you the 06-08-2013 Covergirl winners. But first, here are the Top 5:

Here are their usernames from ascending order:
5th place: Dolores_001 from Croatia!
4th place: jeulgeoptta from Turkey!
3rd place: missborboletavg from Portugal!
2nd place: tuctuc2000 from Spain!
And first place goes to... prenses_iremciq from Turkey:

She's on level 46 and she joined Stardoll on 08-11-2010. She's also won Catwalk and NCG (National Covergirl) of Turkey! Lets wish her more achievements in future! Here's her suite:

So, do you like her doll? Do you like her suite? Do you think she deserved to win? Write in comments, we'd love to hear your opinion! :) xxx

credit: www.lovestardollx.blogspot.ie
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