Sunday, 4 August 2013

New writer.

Hiya girlies! I am so happy today... you know why?

Welcome poppycat12 , visit her on stardoll also.

She is an intern so if she doesn't do well she wont be staying... but im sure she will :)

She is in charge of our daily cheap chic and we hope you like her.

Any questions about how to be a writer visit me @ XxxSairaXxx

Its easy to be a writer , just have a google account and have fingers to type.... you can be one! :) People with experience will be in charge of big things but we accept most people for small jobs like daily covergirl and contests... :) Just send your application to me and you will have a reply in 24-48 hours.

11 Years,
On stardoll since 2012

This means the blog is GROWING! We have over 1000 pageviews so that means more writers will come. Hope you like poppycat12! :)

Owner, writer , XxxSairaXxx
~#staystrong x

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