Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Makeup Makeover

Hey girls.

The most important thing in the world of fashion is... To own your look.

In this topic of Makeup Makeover , this is a look for superstars,

Here is how it starts , look at the photos to get this look.

Tip: When using blush , always make sure to use your skin tone blush , as no skin tone is the same it'll be lighter or darker and will look utterly amazing!

You cant really see it , but TRUST me, it makes all the difference.

Don't go overbored with makeup , seriously do you see the makeup some people put on on stardoll? Keep it nice and simple , but it looks gorgous.

Tip: Skin tone things ROCK. eyeshadow , blush are key , if they are skin tone colour they blend amazingly.

See how it works?

Do you like it?
Id love to hear.

Non superstars , you can just change it!


Enjoy this new makeover!

Owner and writer , XxxSairaXxx

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