Monday, 5 May 2014

Simple but effective.

Hi girls, I am showing you a few different ways to make your outfit  look unique.

There are different but simple ways to wear certain stuff. 1st is Collard Beauty
This is where you wear a collared shirt, skirt and heels. It (to me) looks awesome on anyone!
2. Collard Casual
 Just pair any collard top with any kind of blue/white washed jeans, sneakers and a cute fuzzy hat and you are done!

3: Gorge Goth

                                                                 Find any dress and a pair of stilettos and you are complete ( DONT FORGET THE CROSS NECKLACE!)

4: Cute but  Posh
This style is for all the cuties, If you want to go kind of posh but not entirely then go for this look, Pair a short dress and a pair of black shoes (Preferably wedges or stilettos) They look perfect together.

Hope you enjoyed todays post!
Tell me if you have any requests down below and I will respond.

Model: Poppycat12
Writer & Manager
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