Monday, 19 May 2014

Sharing opinions about the past week!

Hey guys!
I really, really wanted to share this past week with you guys, so I decided to make this some kind of a weekly post to share the newest updates in Stardoll :)
This week started with the newest update on Stardoll's Spotlight:

Yes, Stardoll's newest Featured videos page where Stardoll shows popular medolls and their suites to ''boost'' their popularity. I liked the idea because, after all, these medolls have tried harder and spent more money maybe than normal members to turn their suites into luxurious palaces. But the idea of the Stardoll youtube channel is awful - no one cares about that. I didn't really like the fact that they took away the Catwalk page to put the Featured videos. Overall, I didn't like this.

Later on with this week, we continue on with the release of the two new floors of the Transform collection:

I like this collection - the colours are natural and are great for using in all kinds of outfits and looks but the prices which are very high for a make-up store make me take the final decision of not buying anything.

The new Riviera collection, and probably the highlight of this whole week makes us fall in love with the beautiful flower crowns and cute bikinis (with some exceptions, e.g. Leaf Bikini Bottom).

Now, as I stated above, this collection is one of my favourite collections in Starplaza for a long time. The collection just ''screams'' summer! I think I'll buy 5 items from this collection, including the flower crowns, bow bikini top, sea top and White Boho Blouse. The collection isn't that expensive, but even though the flower crowns are extremely beautiful, they are highly overpriced.

We move on to the final event of this week - the new MS.TQ collection:

Now, again, in my opinion, most of the hairstyles are ugly, especially the ones on the second floor. Maybe everyone's favourite is the Volume Base Hair which is perfect for all occasions. It's also very cheap - prices varying from 6-12 sd. This store is probably Stardoll's way to ''help'' non-superstar members with buying Stardesigned Hair for prices that don't exceed 15 sd, which is probably impossible to find in Starbazaar.

Which is your favourite update of this week? Share your opinion, we'd love to hear it!

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