Saturday, 24 May 2014

Flashback: Some stores you didn't know about... Part 2

Hey girlies! :) xxx
I'm back to share with you another store that was available in Starplaza once. This store dates back to August 2010.
The store was called Stardoll and the City and in the earlier years Stardoll had campaigns based on movies. Most of them even had special stores! And, as you can guess, Stardoll and the City was based on the movie with Sarah Jessica Parker. :)
The store was released in the end of August 2010. It had 4 floors:

Most of the new members will be wondering why haven't they seen these clothes or why are they so expensive in Starbazaar?
Well, the answer is simple: this store dated back to 2010. Stardoll  then had around 80 million members (I remember because I joined Stardoll in December 2010). Now Stardoll has over 300 million members. But, if we go back to 2010 and do the basic math: how many people were members then, how many of them left Stardoll and how many of them were Superstars then? You can guess why the clothes are so expensive and hard to find.
I think that some of the clothes got re-released in Archive, Pretty'n'Pink (before it became Pretty'n'Love) and maybe even Callie's Picks.
The fact is that the store left in early 2011 I think and it never came back. Or at least never came back under this label.
Now, some interesting facts about this store...
1) Even though you can't see them here, Stardoll decided to release ''shopping poses'' that were very famous back then:

You might be asking why is there such a fuss about them? Well, I think that these are the first poses ever released on Stardoll. They were available for Superstars only, but back then Stardoll was very nice and they let us be ''Superstars'' after the third day of us joining Stardoll, which meant that if we had the money, we could buy any clothes, accessories, make-up, interior, jewelry and etc. that was only available for Superstars. So, some lucky members had the chance to buy these beautiful poses which are very rare now.
2) Can you see the prices of the clothes? They're very high, right? Well, you might say they're normal priced compared to now, but back then Starplaza was very cheap and these prices were unbelievably high! From the previous Stardoll film campaigns you could get clothes for up to 5 sd but these prices were very high!
And that's all you need to know for the store Stardoll and the City. Do you like it? Do you wish this store was available today? Will you be searching for these items in  Starbazaar?

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