Sunday, 4 May 2014

Alike Alike: Hotbuys

Hey guys!
I have been searching through Stardoll and I've seen some items which were from previous Hotbuys, but are available in the shops in Starplaza for quite a reasonable price.
The first three items are from the October 2007 Hotbuys.
The first item is called ''Maggie Cheung dress'' from Rio. That's the October 2007 name it was given:

It's prototype today is the ''Maggie dress'' in Rio. The dress costs 8 sd.

The second Hot Buy from October 2007 that can be found today is the ''Idoru Goth Dress'' from Tingeling.

You can now find it in the ''Fallen Angel'' store under the label ''Idoru dress''. It now costs 6 sd.

The third item is the ''Idoru Goth Umbrella'' from Tingeling, as it was in October 2007.

You can now find it in the ''Fallen Angel'' store and it is called ''Idoru Umbrella''. It costs 40 starcoins.

And this rounds up our ''Alike Alike: Hotbuys" post. Hope you liked it! Will you buy anything?

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