Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Some Make-up Tips

Hey everyone! I made this post to help you with some difficulties with Stardoll make-up, especially for the new members :)
I've seen many people to do this:

This is very, very, very wrong! You should not do this, even if you use other colors than black. Why? Because it makes your doll boring! Yes, many people have the excuse to be non-superstar and do not have money for make-up, as all the make-up is for stardollars, but save up! Stardoll every once in a while gives out 3 sd daily gifts to everyone and the Ramadan campaign right now also gives us some stardollars.
Also, the Dot make-up store is very cheap! The eyeshadows cost only 6 sd and the black and white eyeshadows cost 5 sd. Instead of doing that above, do something like this:

Play with colors! Combine different eyeshadows to create a unique look! Do not use too much eyeshadow,though! :)
Another thing I've seen with some dolls:

If you want to look like a circus clown, then this is the right blush! But, if you want to look like a perfect Stardoll, then do this:

It will make your doll prettier! I hope these make-up tips helped you! :)

Model: me(dessisweet)
credit: www.lovestardollx.blogspot.ie
Writer, dessisweet ♥
<Fashion fades, but style remains ♥

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