Sunday, 28 July 2013

Be safe!

Another part to be safe!

At love stardoll , we want you to be save so follow these rules!

Dessisweet and l have come across another way of scamming!

Here it is:

It seems true , but don't be tempted.
Our writer dessisweet was tempted...

She helped this girl win NCG , worked so hard.
But at the end of the day , there is no guarantee she will get the membership.
The girl won NCG.
And dessisweet was left... with nothing.
She claims to have not won NCG because of her , and there was no proof.

So don't be tempted... because you mightn't get membership... and we don't want to see you upset!

Dessisweet did the right thing , confronted her , after the girl didn't give membership , delated and blocked her and will contact stardoll.

But it got bigger.
On clubs (3 or more clubs) she posted this:

We know its a scam , as she said she " bought an extra one" but posted this on about 5 clubs.
She also says if you write your name below , she will sell something for 50sc , and get 5,000sc to give to the winner and 120 sd , but she cant give 5000sc as the limit is 1000sc!
We know this is a scam...
Also! you cant get 2 week gift cards!

We don't want to mention names as it is embasrassing... but this time we must as you might be scammed.. so beware of razan1234 , she might seen true... but trust us. she is not. We were scammed and tempted so we don't want you too be.

Razan1234 - the scam beware.

tell us about anymore scams and ways to be save in comments! Love to hear!

owner , writer and manager , XxxSairaXxx