Friday, 26 July 2013

LoveStardollx Graphics.

Love Stardoll offers a range of graphics to stardolls.

If you have a blog and in need of graphics , Love Stardoll can make,

Costs 10 - 20 Stardollers.

Only contact XxxSairaXxx @ Stardoll

Just tell me the answers on my stardoll.
Add me and say why.
I will add back in 24 hours.

Messages only.

Payment method:
I sell an item for 10-20 stardollers , and you buy.

Any more information just tell me in comments.

My graphics are simple , not complicated so fee's are less.

I send graphics by posting on the blog ,you save and put on your blog , your name will be mentioned and can be used as a reference

Sorry But NO refunds

Here are some graphics:

This is a simple graphic which is 10 stardollars.

A different graphic takes time , but basically it has arms in the air and legs moved.

That's 15-20 stardollars.

Credit :
Owner , Writer and manager , XxxSairaXxx

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