Thursday, 25 July 2013

Biggest Glitch ever.

Some of the most rarest items on stardoll have once again returned.
Is it a glitch or here to stay?
I would advise if anyone wants these items buy before the 3 for 2 sale ends.

Here is some pictures and the list of items:

Here is a list of items:
Evil panda checkered boots.
Evil panda RAWR top.
Fallen Angels Black platforms.
Pretty n Love Dolly Denim Shirt
Day lily shoes - Bonjor Biscu

There are about 15-20 more!

Go out searching quickly!


Credit is to :
Owner , Writer and manager , XxxSairaXxx

1 comment:

  1. The most rarest item of all these are the Evil Panda Checkered Platforms. I think that the Pretty'n'Love Button Up Lace Shirt is rarer than the Pretty'n'Love Dolly Denim Shirt, but I'm not sure...The Fallen Angel Heavyweight Black Platforms are amazing for combining with other shoes :)