Thursday, 25 July 2013

Be safe!

This is a note for everyone on stardoll to ...

Loads of accounts are hacked everyday.
Hundreds of people are scammed everyday.

You don't want this to happen to your stardoll!
So never:
Give out your password!
- Don't give your password to anyone , even if they say they will give you free membership or get you clothes. You cant trust anyone! Don't give it to someone you know in real life , just because you know someone doesn't mean they cant hack. Don't give to anyone. If you have done it before and haven't been hacked , you were lucky , it doesn't mean to it again!
If you have been hacked ,remain calm and tell your parents or stardoll. Email them with your e-mail address and stardoll name and date of birth , give them the details and hopefully they will send you a new password. But remember , NEVER EVER EVER give out your password.

Don't ever tell someone your real name address or phone number
-Don't ever do this because you might not even know the person! It is VERY dangerous , so speak with care.

Never sell anything over 600sc/sd
-This applys to everyone. Trades over 600 stardollars or starcoins might be real , but you can easily be scammed. How people do :
I am selling DKNY scuba dress.
Its in starcoins but I want stardollars.
I will sell the dress for 2 starcoins.
And sell something I don't like for 600 stardollars.

Lots of people get scammed this way by selling the item for 600 stardollars before , and don't give the item you wanted.

Never ever take risks on stardoll.

And stardoll cannot refund you.

Play with care.

If you need anymore information I would be happy to tell you , tell  me in comments or come to my suite and ask me! @ XxxSairaXxx I will reply in 24-48 hours! x

credit to :
Owner , writer and manager , XxxSairaXxx

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