Sunday, 28 July 2013

Be Safe Part 3

Hey amigas! Today I'll make the Be Safe post. So, lets continue ;)
I don't know if many people have seen this account (they might be many others, but lets look at this account):

This is an account, created to tell other members about winning free Superstar membership. How did I find out about it? She sent many, many broadcasts to visit her Stardoll blog. Lets take a look at it.

Yep, guys, you read right: free Superstar, a glitch which Callie.Stardoll knows about and is telling us to use, or at least the member claims so. But, the bad thing: the username and password is needed. Now, please be careful when you see those messages: they want to hack your account! Why? So that they can continue with their evil plan. A Supestar member fall for that, gave out her details and lost her account. I don't know has she got her account back, but I saw that the Free--Superstar's guestbook had a comment from the girl that got hacked that the free Superstar thing really worked. But she got hacked. So, here are some rules that you should follow in order to not get hacked:

1. DO NOT give out your password to everyone. Not even to your Stardoll BFF, because she might hack you. Also do not give to people you know in real-life, because they might also hack you.
2. DO NOT change your e-mail to an unknown one, just so that you can get Superstar. When you change your e-mail, the hacker can get your password sent to that e-mail and hack your account. How? Have you ever used the ''Forgot password'' option?
3. DO NOT give out any personal details. Like your phone number, parent's phone number, credit card number and etc. Please don't, it's too risky. Stay safe.
4. Follow Stardoll's One-Stop rules. Read them over and over again until you get what to do and what not to do.
5. If you are so tempted to see if the Free Superstar membership works, then make a fake account and write the details of it. Then see if it becomes a Superstar, if it really does, then you might risk to give out the details.

If you get hacked, please follow these rules:
1. Log right off your account (if you're still on)
2.1. Click on the ''Forgot password'' button. The new password (the hacker's password to your account) will be sent to your e-mail, if not changed. Go there and type the new password. If it works, then go to ''My Acoount'' -> ''Settings'' -> and change your password. Your new password should be different than the one you had before you go hacked. Then send an e-mail to Stardoll saying you got hacked but you could access your account and change your password. Ask them also if they can give back the damages caused by the hacker (if any).
2.2. If the hacker has changed the e-mail as well as the password, then make a fake account and contact Stardoll saying that you got hacked and send some personal details (birth date, country, previous e-mail, phone number or credit number, if you have paid for Superstar). In the mean time while Stardoll replies try to access your account.

I hope I helped!
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  1. Stardoll won't give back any stolen items sadly. I lost EVERYTHING in 2011, my clothes, furniture, make-up... nothing was left and they gave nothing back