Friday, 26 July 2013

Be safe - Part 2

Hi everyone!

I hope you have all read the Be Safe article which I posted earlier.

I have more information for Be safe, as I came across it only today.

Lies have been told about my stardoll , XxxSairaXxx.

And this topic is called...Rumours.

Rumours can be spread for lots of reasons.

Someone on stardoll has posted Rumours about me.

I shall not mention the name , but you might know of her.

This is what it says..

This is a small Rumour which cannot do much damage.

But the bits I have highlighted...Means that it can hurt.
And stardoll is all about fun!
So Report them and let stardoll take control.

By the way , This message was lies put on a presentation.

I never said anything of the sort ,
If this happens to you , don't worry!

Keep calm and play!

These stardolls , they like upsetting people , but be the bigger person , Ignore them , because you know in your heart its okay :)

The reason I didn't put the name of the stardoll , means that I have stooped to their level , be the bigger person.

If a rumour that has happened to you , and you don't know what do to , read this or come to me @ XxxSairaXxx with your question and I will reply in 24-48 hours , or if you really need help I will chat to you.

So don't worry :)

Have fun!

credit :
Owner , Writer and manager , XxxSairaXxx
Like I always say ~#staystrongx

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