Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Cheap Chic!

Hey everyone! So, today I'll show you a new outfit I put together for this week's Cheap Chic post! Here it is:

So, what do you think? Here is the price and the name of the items:

If you buy it today (July 30) while the 3 for 2 sale is still valid, then you'll get the outfit for 157 starcoins (sc). If you buy it later, you will get it for 199 starcoins (sc). Here is what I used:

High Waist Pants-Bonjour Bisou
Laptop Case-Mr.
Strappy Heals-It Girls
Basic Lion Elegant Blouse-Basics

The nice thing about this outfit is that it's light and you can wear it for an (imaginary) stroll in the park or to achieve a ''Town chic'' style. It's perfect for the Spring/Summer season. It's also quite cheap, so if you save up for 4 days (or less if you have 19 sc already) and everyone can buy it, Superstar and non-superstar.

Do you like the outfit? Will you buy it? Write in comments, we'd love to hear! :) xxx

credit: www.lovestardollx.blogspot.ie
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