Sunday, 13 April 2014

Alike Alike 3

Hey everyone!
If you remember, a few months ago we used to do a post called alike alike

Here is our newest one!
Today I was shopping in archive, in the starbazzar when I saw this:

I thought I had these shoes, so I looked in my wardrobe and found these:

They look the EXACT same!
Are they the same?

I'd love to hear in comments!
Do you have these shoes?


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  1. At first I thought they were the same, but if you look really closely, the Archive pair has more detailing/material on the straps. The Archive pair also has more shadowing/shading.
    I love this post type tbh :3

    1. Hi Maisie, the exact same! I thought I had these shoes, and I had to investigate this!
      The archive ones are much more wanted and expensive, explaining the extra details!
      Thanks for the comment! And I am so happy you like this post! <3